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4 Ways to Travel on a Budget

Gather up your friends and loved ones (the ones who don't flake, anyway) and plan a fun and exciting vacation. Sure, vacations can be very expensive, and for some it requires a lot more planning than others; but it's 2020, excuses are no longer an excuse. You've officially survived a global pandemic, get out and go live a little. The more the merrier - the more the cheaper. Here are some tips on travelling without going overboard on the spending:

1. Go in groups

A romantic getaway or bae-cation is great too, of course, but if you're into the group thing you'll save a lot more cash. When going in groups, each head generally contributes to the group's overall experience, which reduces overall costs. Depending on where you travel, it may even be safer and a better experience in groups.

2. Get an Air BnB

Hotels have tighter restrictions and smaller spaces; an Air BnB is far more accommodating especially for groups of more than four people. Depending on your lodging budget, you can find a beautiful and comfortable full home Air BnB rental with pool side and even water front views. The larger your group, the less each person pays; however, take note of the number of guest the rental limits you to so you can avoid paying extra for an additional guest.

3. Plan and book activities ahead of time

The most annoying thing about going in groups, at least for me, is deciding what to do. Some people refuse to go with the flow and would only participate in something they 100% want and enjoy. We all have that friend in our crew but we love them too much to leave them out. So before even getting there, do some research and talk about it in the group chat, that way everyone is in agreement ahead of time and everyone knows what to expect. When you all agree on something, it's also impeccable to pay ahead so your activities itinerary is laid out well before your arrival.

4. Spend time in and enjoy your rental

You're paying a combined lump sum, it is an epic waste to simply leave your things there and only return to sleep. If your rental has a pool, enjoy some time by the pool, have a "house party" (preferably on the night of arrival) and grill out. Get your money's worth, and spend some time in your rental with the whole group; it's a wonderful way to start or end the trip.


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