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Fine Dining Culture and Getting Over Yourself

1. Tipping

"I shouldn't have to tip, service should be included in the meal." Well it's not. Because in fine dining culture, tipped employee hourly wages are significantly lower due to the expected tips. This means that despite your opinion on the matter, you're still kind of an asshole for stiffing the waitstaff. If you refuse to conform then stop participating in said culture. In NC tipped employees make $2.13 an hour; most restaurants have servers tip out the bar and host from their total sales each shift - meaning when you refuse to tip, the server pays money out of their own pocket for your service. It's simply ethical to tip the waitstaff!

2. Kindness

I have witnessed people who treated waitstaff like irrelevant servants. Speak with cold command, make zero eye contact, exercise zero politeness, and act as though their $9.99 burger is a favor to the restaurant and they should be honored to serve you. Get over yourself and remember your manners. Just don't be a jerk!

3. Etiquette

I get it, it's their "job". It doesn't mean make a disastrous mess of the table. Stack the dishes you are done with to the corner of the table to make it easier to them to clear the table. They are there to wait on you, but they aren't your servants.

4. Be Understanding

The need for instant gratification is real. Sometimes things don't go at the snap of your fingers. Sometimes your server is in the weeds and trying desperately not to break with anxiety as they shuffle around trying to keep all their guests happy. Try to be understanding of that and not add to the anxiety by requesting a manager because your water didn't show up 3 minutes after you ordered it. Be understanding!

5. Tipping



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