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5 Reasons Online Dating is a Trend

"Back then" it was seen as a last resort for those who couldn't find better options (wrongfully so), and couples were embarrassed to admit they met online. There are still modern couples today who make up a story about how they met so people don't know it was online. Online dating is nothing to be embarrassed about; in fact, it has become a necessary trend and here is why.

1. Life on the go means no time to date traditionally

The cold truth about life is that the older you get, the harder it is to make time for a social life. Not because you suddenly became a loner, but because life gets that busy and priorities take control. With online dating in your pocket, it's easy to make connections while doing your day to day activities, connections that may later turn to physical dating.

2. Eliminate the guessing game

With online dating, before you physically meet you've both established a mutual interest in each other. At the bar you're not sure if she's just a nice girl being friendly or if it's safe to make a pass at her.

3. A lot less waste of time

When you meet people, you have to get to know them from a completely blank point. Should you take her ice skating or the movies, is she into seafood or red meats, etc. Online dating allows you to see each other's interests ahead of time. Sure she's cute but she wants 8 kids in a country ranch home while you want a corporate career in a downtown skyscraper. Online dating helps you not waste your time and efforts there.

4. They say there are plenty fish in the sea...

Well online dating exposes you to far more fish that are compatible with you than traditional dating. Love (or whatever you want) is literally at your finger tips these days, just swipe right to confirm your interest in this fish.

5. For the No-Strings-Attached Daters

Believe it or not there are people, men and women alike, who don't necessarily want any kind of commitment at the moment; however, we are all human and crave intimate companionship every so often. With online dating on easy access, these people are able to connect with each other on a mutual understanding - no one concerned about "leading on" the other.


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