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10 Father's Day Activity Ideas

Father's day is just around the corner, and we are always looking for ways to show the fathers and father-figures in our lives that we cherish them. It's normal to be stuck on ideas, and that's what I'm here for. Below are some ideas on how to spend this year's father's day in a meaningful way. Give your father and/or father-figure the gift of a memorable time!

1. Have a Picnic!

Food: Prepare some sandwiches (lunch meats or PB&J never fails), prepare fruit (strawberries are in season), prepare a cooler with ice, water bottles, and other beverages, pack some snacks like chips, pretzels, nuts, etc. These are all items you probably already have at home so there will be minimal spending on food. Several local parks and lake side areas are open, with areas to lay a blanket down and have a lovely picnic. It's advisable to check the State park's websites for any specific guidelines or possible closures. You could even picnic in your backyard.

2. Have A Beach Day!

It's summer time, can't ever go wrong with a beach day. If you live around the triangle area of Raleigh, NC you are roughly 3-4 hours away from a few different beaches. Make it a day trip and you can even bring the picnic to the beach instead of the park. Don't forget sunscreen!

3. Play A Game At Home

Nothing more fun like family game night with a competitive family. There are lots of fun games to bring the family together on father's day (beer or wine optional). There are board games, card games, and even backyard games such as corn hole, that spark both competition and enjoyment.

4. Go Camping!

Summer is here and the sun's out. This means outdoors and more outdoors, and camping is quite a calming and great experience. There are lots of camping activities such as hiking, campfire fun like roasting marshmallows or story time, and perhaps hunting or fishing if that's something your dad is interested in.

5. Attend a Wine Tasting Event

Living in North Carolina, there are so many Vineyards within reasonable driving distance. Check into one of them and book a wine tasting. They are delightful, affordable, and generally offer a free bottle of wine after the tasting. Many of the Vineyards also offer tours of the winery and other refreshing wine related activities.

6. Have A Family Barbecue

Whether in your backyard or a public area, beer and grilled meats are always a good time. Pick up some hot dogs, burgers, and/or ribs from the grocery store and fire up a grill. Get family and friends together in the name of your father; we've all been couped up in quarantine and could use some socialization. And if dad loves it on the grill, let him have his moment!

7. Build Something or Complete A Task Together

Simple, yet meaningful. Especially when you're an adult, time with parents doesn't seem like much anymore. Work on his project automobile with him, do work he'd been meaning to get to with him, even if it's something as silly as buying a bird house craft from the store and building it with your dad; the time spent doing something together is meaningful. And best of all, you'll both have that trinket you built to cherish forever.

8. Have A Movie Night At Home - Outdoor, If Possible

Set up the TV area with comfy pillows, blankets, snacks, and drinks. Find a movie that your dad wants to watch, his favorite movie, a movie that takes him to a happy place, or rent a movie that's still in theaters - pick a movie, any movie. If you have the equipment and space to set up a movie area outdoors, it is an even more refreshing experience.

9. Take A Class Together!

Again, time spent is absolutely priceless! So find a fun or new class to take together. Painting, cooking, craft, science - so many different types of classes offered to sign up for. It'll be both quality time with your dad and learning something new - or doing something old you already love.

10. Give Him Time Alone!

This might sound harsh at first, but of course it's case by case basis. A dad who is surrounded by children and family 24/7, always doing things for the family, the go-to guy who is always available - that dad might find a day all to himself to be quite a gift. He can go off on his own and have some time to himself; maybe fishing or taking a drive around town, whatever his alone time means to him - as long as he is not the center of everyone's universe for a day.


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