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Why Parents Should Ditch The Kids Often

1. Preserve Your Sanity

You are human, you are allowed to be humanly. This means you have good days and bad ones, and on bad days you need your space. It's common assumption that when you have children, you lose all sense of individuality and your life becomes solely centered on your children. While it is good parenting to make your children the center of your world, it can often yield some pretty devastating effects on your mental health. Parenting is, without a doubt, better when you are not losing the fight for your sanity; therefore it is imperative to take time away from the kids and have a life! What ever it is that takes you to a good place mentally, do it - even if it means leaving the kids out of it.

2. Preserve Their Sanity

You are the captain of your ship, your morale affects everyone on board! If you are struggling mentally, it will manifest itself in the ugliest ways and it will only hurt your loved ones more than taking a weekend off will. Some children testify to growing up with parents who were "always" angry for reasons they do not understand. They were probably exhausted and rarely ever took time for themselves, time off from parenting. If you are not in a good place, it will 100% affect your parenting and it will impact your children. Have a life for their sake, not just yours.

3. It's a Part of Self-Love and Self-Care

Parenting is no easy gig and involves a lot of doing things for other people and forgetting about yourself. You're probably first to wake up and last to go to sleep so you're a little sleep-deprived. You probably don't have time to maintain a set skin care or fitness routine. No matter what your reasons are, making time - days at a time - away from your parenting routine will do a lot of good to your health and wellness. You will find that the happier you are with your health and wellness, the more you have to give as a parent, and the more patience you have giving it.

4. You Need the Quiet to Focus on Work or School

When you're completing a school assignment or a work project, nothing is more annoying than "kids noise". It's possible to get some work done; however, it is significantly easier to focus without the noise, or the constant barging in for juice or because the kids are fighting again. Even if you take that time nap instead without any interruptions, take it.

5. Time Alone With Your Significant Other

Relationships are never too long to plan dates like back when things first sparked between you. Take a night off away from the kids and go have an experience with your best friend every so often, it's good for yourself and your relationship.


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