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8 Perks of Having Children Very Young

As I stated in my post "6 Challenges of Having Children Very Young", there are lots of challenges young parents face; however, it's not all a stressful journey. There are those moments, far many more good than bad, that make you thank heavens you had children as young as you did.

1. More Lively, Healthy Years as a Parent

As a parent, you're already sleep deprived and exhausted from having to take care of everything you take care of. When you're younger, sleep really isn't on your priority list because you can run on fewer hours. Many parents also dream of having different types of experiences with their children - sports activities, extracurricular events/recitals, outdoor activities, vacations, etc. Imagine attempting all that with the biological time clock against you, and you no longer have the energy to keep up with your children.

2. Better Chance of Them Meeting Their Grandparents

Okay, I admit this one is a bit dark, but I told no lies. Naturally as we age, so do our parents. And the cycle of life states that if you survive all the humanly things that already exist to kill you, age will take you. Besides the darkness that is death, grandparents are even older; so if you barely have the energy, imagine how much they have to be actively involved.

3. You're Already Well Adjusted to The Routine By the Time You're Older

The likely chance of you being in a well-paying career and fully established life when you become a young parent is rather slim. This means from temporary jobs to temporary homes, you've learned to do it with your little one(s) in mind. Decision-making that involves children becomes natural and you establish a routine that works well for your family as you grow on to earn a better living and live a better life. You learn to maneuver life through achievements and progressions. By the time you're sitting in your established life, you've got the whole thing down-pat. People who become parents in their adulthood have a harder time transitioning and adjusting to parenthood.

4. Your Sense of Maturity is Expedited

This is more common in young mothers than young fathers because generally, women mature quicker than men; however, having children young forces you to grow up quicker than your peers without children. Self-care is a whole different definition and you are more watchful of your investments. Stability becomes a priority as you're now a sole provider, and contrary to mainstream, your youth does not have to be spent making terrible financial decisions and trying all the drugs at parties.

5. Biology is in Your Favor

It's a fact that the younger you are, the easier your body is to mold, and its elasticity is better. You are more likely to get your "body back" from having children young, than someone who has children well in their adulthood. Obviously metabolism, lifestyle, and overall body type plays a factor; however, you are much more likely to "bounce back" in your youth than in your adulthood.

6. You Can Relate With Your Child A Lot Easier

Generational gaps are primarily what makes parent-child relationships strictly parent-child. Not saying you should strive to be your child's friend, but it is much easier for them to communicate and bond with you if they feel that you can relate to a certain extent. The trends won't seem too out of line to you because they are only slightly different from the trends of "your time". The relationship dynamic between you and your child is much more likely to be free, relaxed, and trusting. Children of young parents also become more exposed to ideas like dating and relationships, financial and lifetime hardships, and how to cope with difficulties in life; things that parents who had children as adults didn't have to face with their children - which I believe are important.

7. You Are Still Fairly Young When Your Kids Leave Home

You could be sipping margaritas in the deserts of Dubai while riding a Camel's back for your 40th birthday, or you can go out to a chaotic, tear-filled dinner with toddlers who are not in the mood, to celebrate said birthday. I prefer the margaritas in Dubai thing. Heck, your kids can come sip with you because they're adults now. You can kick-start retirement long before the retirement age, you can now travel the world because you are in better financial standing than when in your youth, and you don't have to get a sitter to do it. Imagine being too broke in your youth to have experiences (because being broke is a phase many young people go through), and then being too busy with kids when you are older and financially stable enough. For us, when we're in our 40's our children will be adults, yet we'd still be young enough to backpack Europe. Solid win!

8. Your Kids Are a Massive Motivation

As a parent, failure is not an option. This is one of the biggest pressures we put on ourselves. We want to succeed against all odds, primarily to provide great lives for our children, but also because you are a role model. When you're a young parent, making youthful mistakes is barely acceptable and you know that; therefore, you strive to do right by your children by bettering yourself. Your children force you to become a better version of yourself long before you're old enough to care to.


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