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6 Traits You Need to Turn Your Dreams Into Plans

The inarguable fact of life is that we all strive to be something we love, enjoy, and are happy with. The funny thing is, no matter how put-together and ideal someone else's life may seem, there is always a little something they feel that they are missing or hoping to get/achieve. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, but it is self-defeating to keep those dreams only in your fantasies - without, at the very least, going for it. After all, the worse you can be told about something you really want is "no"; which is far better than never going for it in the first place. Some goals are rather intimidating, depending on your socioeconomic status and financial or intellectual limits. And while acceptance is important, it is also a poison to those who want more out of life but feel that it is unattainable. But countless stories are out there of people who came from absolutely nothing and made it bigger than those who came from a long line of wealth. Sometimes your fate is more in your hustle than it is in your connections; so you owe yourself the effort to, at least, try to make those goals your reality.

1. Ambition

First and foremost, you must be ambitious enough. There are people who wish for something, but will not leave their comfort zone to achieve it. Understand that comfort zones are not priority if you truly want to get to the top (wherever your "top" destination is; it is all subjective). It is okay, and in fact, recommended to break the limits of your comfort zone - especially if your goals cannot be achieved within that zone.

2. Research

Thanks to the world wide web, information is at our fingertips. Ask google the most ridiculous question you can think of and you'll find thousands of results with answers (although not all sources are accurate). Do some research on the subject of interest and gather the step by step to getting there. To get somewhere you must first know the route to take.

3. Preparation

Once you gather valuable info on how to go about achieving your goals, prepare for take-off. Bare in mind that the resources you currently have determine how quickly you can get started; but don't be discouraged if those resources are minimal. Even if you can only save $1 a day, that's $365 a year; which is far better than saving nothing at all because you convince yourself that the goal is unattainable. Some people have the ability to take off in a year, while others have to take 5 years before even starting. Focus on your own and don't feel any less because your peers seem to be getting there faster than you. Remember, not everyone is served the same plate; so focus on yours and stay true to your ambition.

4. Action

Even if you're taking 2-inch steps at a time, at least you are taking steps at all. Do not be discouraged! It is very easy to look at how far you must go to get anywhere, but time goes on and those years are still going to catch up to you. Sure, being a doctor can take over 12 years of post secondary education; but 12 years is gonna roll by anyway whether you are pursuing the degree or not. So imagine 12 years from now, instead of saying "I finally did it", you'll be on that "should've-could've-would've" spiral of regret. Because 12 years ago you were reluctant about how long it takes to achieve this goal - and 12 years later you wish you hadn't been so reluctant. Time passes by and waits for no one. Just do it! You owe it to yourself to at least, try.

5. Perseverance

It's not gonna happen overnight; heck, it may not even happen in 10 years. But each step you take is a step forward. Not everyone has the luxury of giving full focus to their goals because we all have different responsibilities and obstacles. Children, elderly family members, medical conditions, etc. It's hard to clock 50 hours a week, come home to a pile of laundry and hungry bellies, and still put a little time into moving forward. Start little, as little as you can handle with your current load. Again, time goes on and time will get you through; therefore, any tiny step forward is a step none the less. It may seem like ages before you get there, but don't give up.

6. Passion and Reason - Your "why"

Sure, we all hope to be financially comfortable. But are you passionate enough to get there and is your reason true to who you are? These are questions to ask yourself. There's a difference in wanting to move up the ladder for status quo and recognition, and doing so to live and give your loved ones the life you feel you and they deserve. What ever reason fuels your passion, use it to motivate you and you may find that no matter how difficult the journey, the destination is worth it.


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