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Toxic Friendships to Drop Like Bad Habits

Growing up in high school, some people were given a leeway for bad decisions (as long as they weren't permanent enough to actually ruin your life). But at a certain age, the crowd you keep says a lot about you. It is easy for those who aren't on your path to distract you from it, that's why like-minds typically stick together. Don't get me wrong, some are very good people who simply have a tough time through life; however, the toxicity is in their mentality. A successful and thriving friend can very well be more toxic to you than one who struggles.

1. Selfish and Controlling Friendships

Those friendships where their way is always the high way; and they never take into consideration what you would like to do, much less care to ask. They make the plans and automatically fit you in them because you're the tag-along friend, the friend who shows up so they're not doing their thing alone. Friendships are about mutual respect and consideration of each other's interests. Stand up for yourself, say no every once in a while, or drop them altogether.

2. Jealous Friendships

The friend who smiles in your face and pretends to celebrate your victories; but secretly despises you for them. Repeat after me, "that is not a friend; that is a hater in disguise". Drop them like 5 years ago!

3. Copy-Cat Friendships

Individuality is beauty! Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. But that's a memo copy-cat friends are yet to catch. The friend who copies everything from your hairstyle to your personality. Some people might find this flattering and think of it as a compliment. Personally I couldn't think of a bigger nightmare than a friend who wanted to be so much like me she even copies my hairstyle. Dropped!

4. Call-You-Only-When-They-Need-You Friendships

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Friends who take, take, and take, but never give; not even a few minutes of their time. The friend who calls you only when bored and out of options for things they would rather be doing than spending time with you. The friend who calls when they need to borrow money, or your car, or even an outfit (really?). Such one-sided friendships are never healthy, and you're more so a convenience than a friend. Drop them!

5. Clingy Friendships

Those friends who have made it their life goal to spend every free moment with you. If you find yourself avoiding this friend (or worse, lying about your whereabouts to avoid them self-inviting), then you must be stressed out and man, no friendship is worth that. Back to the individuality thing... some people simply can't moderate themselves and use their time wisely. They're always tying to hang out... and they never leave! Some people are okay with the 24/7 company; personally, I have a life and you have yours. A healthy friendship meets at some point to spend time with each other, amidst their own busy lives. If you have a "wyd" friend at every second of the day... drop!

6. Shade-Throwing "I'm just kidding" Friendships

Friends who are so quick to spill your business in a shady way and/or put you down every step you take; but mask it as "i'm just kidding - ha ha" are just plain assholes. No one deserves that; drop 'em!


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