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To the Judgmental Parent...

All our lives aren't the same and kids do not come with manuals. Yet, this is one part of life that "experts" (or self-proclaimed so) think they can write "how to" books with step by step suggestions (or instructions) on what makes parenting easier or successful. But the only expert on your child is you - the one raising them!

Some parents (mothers, especially) have taken this over their own heads and declared themselves better at raising children. Every mom group, for instance, has a group of moms who swear that organic kale and zero screen time is what makes a child grow into a better adult. These same parents shame others on what they believe those parents are doing "wrong" according to the grand law of parenting.

Firstly, I'm gonna emphasize this... parenting is subjective.

Not everyone has the luxury of being a housewife with a full time nanny. Some parents have all the time and resources in the world to feed their children organic cucumbers and a nutritionist created balanced diet, while taking them out daily for just enough sunlight to obtain proper amounts of vitamin D, returning home for Playdoh crafts and coloring time before a healthy and hefty protein and veggie-filled dinner. Meanwhile, other parents are lucky if they're home by sun down to oven cook a frozen dinner like lasagna, or to order take out once again because they are too exhausted to find the kitchen.

Secondly, there is one common goal in parenting: to raise good people who are valuable members of society, and not assholes!

Nobody cares how perfectly balanced your child's diet is if they are assholes. Good character is more valued by humanity than organic balanced diets!

My advice to every parent out there is, do what works for your family! As long as your child has their basic needs met and you are doing your honest best at your capacity, you are doing just fine. While others believe that screen time is the devil because they can afford hours in the day to do outdoor activities with their children, you know that after your long, strenuous work day, that moment of screen time your children get is a moment of peace for you. Your methods are not the same as others but they don't have to be, and they certainly don't make you a bad parent. Life is hard, live it at your capacity not at some holier-than-thou person's opinions. You are not doing anything wrong. You come home and love your child(ren) with all your soul, you do your best to take very good care of them. You are not worse than the balanced diet parent simply because your child eats pizza more than once a week.


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